How to use Epic Pen

If your version of Epic Pen does not match the images below please update to the latest build.
Current Release: Epic Pen 3.5: Expanded Toolkit

General Functionality

Everythings in the Menu

How do I use my activation code?: There is an "Activate Pro" sub-menu that you can enter your 24 digit alphanumeric code. If your code was received before the release of 3.5 and is not working please contact support.

Hotkeys?: In the Settings sub-menu you can customise your own hotkeys but they have to use either cntrl or alt + another key. These will override the hotkeys of other software you are using so make appropriate choices. These can also be mapped to graphics tablets and other input devices.

How to set a default save folder: In the Settings sub-menu you can set a custom folder that Epic Pen will save to automatically when the save icon is clicked instead of asking you every time.

What does remember content when closed do?: When selected Epic Pen will remember your edits even after you quit the software or restart your computer until they are erased.

Tips & Tricks

Ink Size: The mouse scroll wheel and Wacom tablet functions can be used to quickly scroll back and forth through the ink size. The standard wacom function is usually 'Autoscroll/zoom' but it can be remapped with hotkeys. This can also be used to change text size before you commit.
Line tool guide: The line tool has an 8-point guide for making easy horizontal and diagonal lines when you hold down shift while drawing.
Saving on a blank canvas: You can use the whiteboard and blackboard functions in the Expanded Toolkit to place a blank canvas behind your ink but above all other software to save your images with a clean background. (Only available with Epic Pen Pro)