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Latest beta: 3.7.2

NOTICE! Epic Pen betas contain bug fixes and feature additions/changes that may still be unstable or contain bugs. If you want to help us test these builds then you're in the right place! Otherwise you should install our latest stable release. Please report any issues that you have with this build to


Offset stylus tip fix:
Fixed a bug many users reported where a stroke made by a stylus would sometimes be offset from its intended position on screen.

Toolbar bug fixed:
Fixed a bug that made the toolbar impossible to click in certain circumstances.


Hotkeys bug fix:
Fixed a bug that made certain hotkeys impossible to set at times.


New shape tools:
As well as drawing straight lines, you can now draw ellipses, rectangles and arrows.

Improved screenshot tool:
You can now select regions of your screen to capture.

Toggle last color hotkey:
You can now toggle between the current color and your previously selected colour using a hotkey.

Improved behaviour across multiple monitors:
We've fixed DPI scaling issues which sometimes occurred when using multiple monitors.

Many minor bug fixes:
There have been many small bug fixes made to Epic Pen since our last release.

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