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Please read the common questions below before sending us an email.
You can also find more answers on our FAQ!
01. How do I activate my license on another computer
Simply send us your code to be reset then you can activate on a new computer.

02. I did not receive my PRO code or receipt.
Please check your junk or spam.

03. Where do I download or update Epic Pen PRO?
There is no separate installer for Epic Pen Pro, all the additional tools and features are unlocked from within the free basic version available here: DOWNLOAD

04. How do I activate Epic Pen PRO?
Simply launch the free basic version and enter your code in the 'activate pro' submenu.

05. Does epic pen support a mouse/tablet/pen/touchscreen devices?
Epic Pen supports all input devices. We reccomend HUION brand graphics tablets as a pen input device that works well with Epic Pens features as well as being reasonably priced.

06. What are the discounts for teachers or students?
Unfortunately we do not offer discounts for individual teachers, only discounts on bulk purchases of 10 or more by an acredited school or academic institute. We already try to keep Epic Pen as fairly priced as possible to continue development.

07. Is there a MAC version of Epic Pen or can it be installed on Chromebook or iPad?
Epic Pen only works on Windows OS devices. We would like to develop a Mac version though!

08. How do I make Epic Pen show up on Zoom?
To share Epic Pen ink on Zoom you need to select 'Screen' when sharing your screen. As seen in the screenshot below:

Contact Us

If you need immediate help with a simple problem or just want to say hi we also have a discord community HERE.
This is not an official support channel but is a great way to talk to other Epic Pen users as well as the developers.

We aim to reply within 24 hours but due to the COVID19 pandemic we are receiving much more support questions than we are used to. Please be patient with us and we will do our best to answer your questions.
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