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Epic Pen lets you draw over any application on Windows and Mac OS

With Epic Pen you can


Need Help?

Please read the common questions below before sending us an email.
You can also find more answers on our FAQ!
1. Epic Pen isn't working

If for any reason Epic Pen isn't working please explain in detail exactly what's not working and contact us. Is it not launching? Is it crashing or unresponsive? Please provide as much information as possible.

2. Epic Pen isn't working with my game/software

Some software will render on top of Epic Pen when in full-screen mode. If Epic Pen is not working, try your software or game in fullscreen windowed mode.

3. Epic Pen PRO won't work across all windows accounts.

To activate Epic Pen PRO so that it is activated for all users on the same computer, you will need to activate it using the command line.

-> Please see "How can I activate Epic Pen from the command line?" in the FAQ for details.

4. How do I save my edits with a clean background?

You can use the white and blackboard tools to place a blank screen behind your notes to save them on a clean page. This is a Pro license only feature.

5. Epic Pen hotkeys don't map to my graphics tablet

You should be able to map Epic Pen hotkeys to your Wacom stylus buttons by mapping them to the same keystroke as Epic Pen uses. If you are having difficulty mapping the keystroke in Wacom tablet properties you need to ensure Epic Pen is closed otherwise it will interfere with the mapping.

6. Epic Pen PRO won't activate.

Epic Pen may fail to activate with the following error messages:

Network Error
Epic Pen is having trouble connecting to our servers. Please make sure your internet connection is working. Trying a different internet connection may help if possible. Try temporarily turning off any firewalls or anti-virus software you may be running as this can sometimes interfere with the activation process. You may re-enable these once Epic Pen is activated.

Too many devices activate
dYou may have activated Epic Pen on more computers than you have bought licenses for. If you wish to move your license to a new computer, just contact us, and we can reset your activation code for you. Otherwise, you can always purchase more licenses from the payment page.

Invalid activation code
Make sure you have entered your activation code correctly. The activation code is a 24 character long code we will have emailed you after receiving your payment.

Contact Us

If you need immediate help with a simple problem or just want to say hi we also have a discord community HERE.
This is not an official support channel but is a great way to talk to other Epic Pen users as well as the developers.

We aim to reply within 24 hours but due to the COVID19 pandemic we are receiving much more support questions than we are used to. Please be patient with us and we will do our best to answer your questions.
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