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BETA 3.9

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Beta releases are a version of Epic pen still in development. We make these public so that you can help provide feedback on usability and help find issues that we can resolve before full release. Because of this they contain frequent updates so if you are having problems check your version against the change list before submitting an issue that may be resolved.

NOTICE! Epic Pen betas contain bug fixes and feature additions/changes that may still be unstable or contain bugs. If you want to help us test these builds then you're in the right place! Otherwise you should install our latest stable release. Please report any issues that you have with this build to


This release now includes Epic Pen running as a service. Epic Pen no longer has a taskbar icon but will instead launch in your system tray.

tip: If you cannot see the Epic Pen icon it has probably been movedto the ‘hidden icons’ panel and can simply be dragged out.


You can now also hide Epic Pens toolbar by pressing CLOSE in the main menu (previously QUIT) and to relaunch it you simply click the system tray icon.
By default Epic Pen will remain visible if ink is visible but you can turn this off in the settings menu. This allows you to access all of epic pens tools via hotkey while the toolbar remains hidden.
To use this feature simply deselect 'Toolbar always visible when ink visible' in the settings menu.

While using any Epic Pen tool while the toolbar is hidden you can hit 'ESCAPE' on your keyboard to switch back to the cursor. We recommend you familiarize yourself with your hotkeys before changing this setting.


We have also added a new feature to allow tools to track their sizes individually. So everything from the Pencil to the Arrow tool will remembers their unique size. This setting is off by default but can be activated in the settings menu.

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