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Updated 15/03/2017

Frequently Asked Questions


Epic Pen is a tool that allows you to draw or write on your screen without interacting with the software in the background. This means you can annotate over almost anything!

Epic Pen is confirmed compatible with Windows Vista , 7, 8, 8.5 and 10.

Epic Pen is currently Windows only but we would love to develop for other operating systems in future.

Epic Pen is no longer open source and we do not distribute the source files, redistribution of Epic Pen source files is prohibited under our current Terms of Service.

We like to constantly support Epic Pen with new features and bug fixes, in order to facilitate this Epic Pen requires an install. There is currently not a portable version for this reason, but we might consider it in future. There are website claiming to host Epic Pen Portable builds but these are not reputable sources and we cannot be held accountable for damage done by these files.

If Epic Pen did not update correctly, completely uninstall Epic Pen and redownload the latest build from the homepage.
If you are still experiencing problems, contact us.

Epic Pen is paid software for commercial or academic use but we want it to be free for personal users so it is! Students can install and use it for free on their own hardware but not school hardware. We have a donation window for free users if you want to buy us a coffee though!

Some software will render on top of Epic Pen when in full screen mode. If Epic Pen is not working, try your software or game in windowed mode. Resolution will not affect Epic Pen.


You can use the white and blackboard tools to place a blank screen behind your notes to save them on a clean page.

You should be able to map Epic Pen hotkeys to your Wacom stylus buttons by mapping them to the same keystroke as Epic Pen uses. If you are having difficulty mapping the keystroke in Wacom tablet properies you need to ensure Epic Pen is closed otherwise it will interfere with the mapping.

Yes! Epic Pen has a brilliant memory, it remembers all its friends birthdays, and in settings you can choose to have it remember your notes when closed.


Yes, older versions of Epic Pen still require licenses for commercial and academic use.

Sorry but nope, students dont qualify for the Education License discount, but hey you get to use Basic for free! Yay!.

Activation codes are not required in the current (3.0) release. Please keep your code safe as it will unlock additional tools in the next update (3.5)